Ibizan Hound Color Genetics

Color Examples

Red and White Wire-Haired

Red Short-Haired

Red Wire-Haired

White Short-Haired

White Wire-Haired

Red and White Short-Haired

Genetic Combinations

Color S
Red and White Short-Haired SiSi
Red and White Short-Haired SiSw
Red and White Wire-Haired SiSi
Red and White Wire-Haired SiSw
Red Short-Haired SS
Red Short-Haired SSi
Red Short-Haired SSw
Red Wire-Haired SiSw
Red Wire-Haired SS
Red Wire-Haired SSi
Red Wire-Haired SSw
White Short-Haired SwSw
White Wire-Haired SwSw